The Time of Their Lives

Priscilla (Pauline Collins) is living a cheerless existence caring for her belligerent and miserable husband Frank. A devoted wife and mother, her own needs are continually cast aside for the wishes of others. She’s so eager to please that she’s forgotten what it feels like to be happy. That is until she meets Helen (Joan Collins.)

Helen is quite the opposite. A spikey, selfish character, she has dedicated her life to herself and herself only. She has no family that she will admit to, and has only ever desired to be the famous Hollywood actress she once was. But she fell from grace, was cast aside and now penniless has returned to the UK for a hip operation on the NHS. With nowhere else to go she has been recovering in a retirement home, all the while planning her comeback.

And now at last, Helen has her chance. In a few days time her ex-husband, a celebrated Hollywood director, will be buried in France. His funeral will be packed with movers and shakers and Helen has to be there. The only problem is she can’t get there alone...

A geriatric day trip to the seaside gives Helen the opportunity for escape and a chance encounter in the street with Priscilla provides her with an ally. An arch manipulator, Helen manages to maneuver a bemused Priscilla onto the sea-bound coach and soon they’re hurtling away from the city, leaving an irate Frank swearing into the traffic.  Reaching the coast, Helen pours on the charm (and the G & T’s) and convinces Priscilla to accompany her all the way to Ile de Re. Pooling their limited resources, they hit the road together by ferry, car, and foot in a race to get to the funeral. On this unforgettable journey, they find true friendship in one another – and have the time of their lives.

  • Tickets from: £5.50 - £8.00
  • Starring: Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, Franco Nero
  • Running Time: 106mins
  • Showing Times: 15.30 & 19.30 except Sun 26 March 16.30 & 19.30, Wed 29 March 11.30 (Baby Club), 15.30 & 19.30
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • First showing: 24/03/2017
  • Last showing: 30/03/2017
  • Director: Roger Goldby
  • Subtitles: No