Peter Pan

Hoist the mainsail! Ship loads of pantomime style nautical naughtiness are setting sail this Christmas as we hook up with the boy who never grew up in the Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan.

Defying gravity, Wendy, Michael and John Darling take the second star to the right and straight on till morning as they fly from the rooftops of Victorian London to join Peter, the Lost Boys and the fairy Tinkerbell in Never Land where the Jolly Roger is anchored and Captain Hook is on a mission to outwit and out manoeuvre our hero.  

Dame Able Mabel  is on course to deliver a titanic treasure chest of sea faring couture and ship’s mate Smee will add to the chock-a-block comedy capers and high sea shenanigans!

You don’t have to believe in fairies but an awfully big adventure awaits audiences of all ages in a magical and spectacular pantomime!



Friday 8 December 2pm (Preview Performance) & 7pm (Preview Performance)

Saturday 9 December 2pm & 7pm

Sunday 10 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Monday 11December 10.30am & 2pm (Saver Performance)

Tuesday 12 December No Performances 

Wednesday 13 December 2pm (Relaxed Saver Performance) & 5.30pm (Saver Performance)

Thursday 14 December 10.30am & 2.00pm (Saver Performance)

Friday 15 December 2pm & 7pm (Saver Performance)

Saturday 16 December 10.30am, 2pm & 5.30pm

Sunday 17 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Monday 18 December No Performances 

Tuesday 19 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Wednesday 20 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Thursday 21 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Friday 22 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Saturday 23 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Sunday 24 December 10.30, 2pm & 5.30pm

Monday 25 December No Performances 

Tuesday 26 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Wednesday 27 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Thursday 28 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Friday 29 December 2pm & 7pm (Saver Performance)

Saturday 30 December 2pm & 5.30pm

Sunday 31 December 2pm & 5.30pm (Saver Performance)


  • Tickets from: £16.00 - £22.50
  • First showing: 08/12/2017
  • Last showing: 31/12/2017