Genocide of the Rohingya

This event will take place in The Milliners Room in The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema with Free Entry

Last year, why the world talked about Burma being on the road to democracy, at least 700 000 Rohingya were forced to flee from Burma’s Rakhine State to refugee camps Bangladesh to escape what the United Nations described as a ‘textbook case of ethnic cleansing’. Satellite images showed Rohingya villages burnt down and eye witness accounts and medical evidence showed that systematic rape of women and girls, torture, and murder was carried out by the Burmese military. Conditions in the refugee camps in Bangladesh are appalling, with a constant threat of flooding, lack of decent shelter and medical help. Although less well reported in the media, the regime has also carried out attacks on the ethnic states of Burma such as the Karen, Kachin and the Shans.

At this meeting we aim to give a background to the situation and bring you up to date with what is going on as well as discussing what action we can take to help bring about change. The speaker will be local resident Mark, who has been involved in the cause of Burma on a voluntary basis for over 10 years. He recently attended an international law tribunal to exam the legal situation. The meeting is organised by the Redhill and Reigate Burma Support Group. We are a local group who support national and international campaigns to bring about change in Burma. We aim to ensure that the world does not forget about the ethnic people of Burma and does not abandon them to their plight.

*Refreshements will be provided. 

BREAKING NEWS: The latest United Nations report has called what happened to the Rohingya in Burma genocide and has called for the prosecution of top, named Burmese military officials.


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