Spectacular, funny and unbelievably feel-good, this PHA production follows the story of Princess Ariana, who after pricking her finger on a magic spinning wheel, is placed under a curse, forcing her to sleep for 100 years.

Join Ariana and her friends Muddles the Jester, Prince Benedict, Dolly Doolittle the Dame and King Crumble of Dilly-Dale in their attempts to rescue the Kingdom from the wicked Carabosse.

Will the Princess be saved? Will Muddles find true love? Who will outwit Carabosse and foil her vile plans? Find out in the ultimate magical pantomime adventure!

True to panto form there’ll be brilliant goodies and baddies, singing, dancing, a wedding and, if you wish hard enough, a happy ever after! Spun together with sumptuous sets, gorgeous fairy tale costumes, big song and dance numbers, a little bit of magic and bags of audience participation, make Sleeping Beauty the pantomime of your dreams and book your tickets now!

Friday 11th December N/A
1.00pm  7.00pm 
Saturday 12th December N/A
1.30pm  7.00pm
Sunday 13th December N/A
1.30pm 5.30pm*
Monday 14th December N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday 15th December 10.00am 1.30pm N/A
Wednesday 16th December 10.00am 1.30pm N/A
Thursday 17th December N/A
1.30pm 5.30pm
Friday 18th December N/A 1.30pm** 7.00pm
Saturday 19th December 10.30am 2.00pm 5.30pm
Sunday 20th December N/A
1.30pm 5.30pm
Monday 21st December N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday 22nd December N/A 1.30pm 5.30pm
Wednesday 23rd December N/A 1.30pm 5.30pm
Thursday 24th December 10.30am 2.00pm 5.30pm
Friday 25th December N/A N/A N/A
Saturday 26th December N/A 1.30pm 5.30pm
Sunday 27th December N/A
1.30pm 5.30pm
Monday 28th December N/A
1.30pm 5.30pm
Tuesday 29th December N/A 1.30pm 5.30pm**
Wednesday 30th December N/A 1.30pm 5.30pm
Thursday 31st December 10.30am 3.00pm N/A
Friday 1st January N/A N/A N/A
Saturday 2nd January  10.30am 2.00pm 5.30pm
Sunday 3rd January N/A
1.30pm 5.30pm

*Relaxed Performance

**Signed Performances

Pricing Per Ticket

Orange Performance  
Full Price £15.00 per ticket
Groups 20+ £14.00 per ticket
Blue Performances  
Full Price £23.50 per ticket
Concessions £22.50 per ticket
Family (Max 2 adults) £82.00 family of 4
Groups 20+ £15.00 per ticket

Yellow Performances  
Full Price £25.00 per ticket
Concessions £24.00 per ticket
Family (Max 2 adults) £90.00 family of 4
Groups 20+ £20.00 per ticket
Christmas Eve & Boxing Day  
Full Price £25.00
Concessions £24.00
Family (Max 2 Adults) £90.00
Groups N/A

Please note that Family and Group rates are only available in person or by calling the Box Office on 01737 276500