Hal Cruttenden: It's Best You Hear it From Me

After 21 years and 224 days Hal’s back being single…

But it’s all going to be fine. Instead of getting the therapy he clearly needs, he’s made a cracking show about it. He’s lost enough weight to almost get his wedding ring off and, while he may be flying solo, he’s far from alone; he’s got his grown-up daughters, his dogs and his divorce lawyer.

The fickle finger of fate has turned Hal’s life upside down but he’s sticking a finger right back at it.

“Go and see Hal Cruttenden, he’s got something to say and he’ll make you laugh a lot!” ★★★★★   The Daily Mirror
“Funniest he’s ever been” ★★★★★   The Sunday Times
“The comedy gift that keeps on giving” ★★★★   The Scotsman
“Reminded me how much I love stand up” ★★★★   The Times




Wednesday 15th March 2023 at 8pm



Run time:

1 hour and 40 minutes with interval

Age guidance:


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