Welcome to Camelot

FREE Camelot-themed, jam-packed weekend is coming to Reigate Castle Grounds on 27th – 28th July

With walkabout characters, pop-up performances and unexpected surprises, this is your chance to explore the castle grounds in a new way!

King Arthur and his Queen, Guinevere are celebrating their wedding anniversary and festivities in Camelot have begun. 

Merlin has been tasked with baking the cake, the Wandering Druids are set to perform their new single and just who is in charge of security? Taking place at Reigate Castle, come and explore the parks natural charm, and discover characters along the way, before heading to the main castle grounds to witness the wedding and renewal of their vows, but will it all be a kind of magic – or will Lancelot cause a stir …?

Reigate Castle Schedule of Events

Harlequin Outdoor in association with RBBC Arts Development